Like A Generation

"Like A Generation" was Coyote Collective's first undertaking as a company, and truly holds a special place in our hearts. Originally staged at Theatre Passe Muraille in 2013, it has continued to evolve through workshops and revision over a four year period.  It was remounted in the fall of 2015 at Dancemakers in Toronto’s Distillery District and was reinvented for the 2016 Toronto Fringe. What started as a collective creation based heavily on metaphysical ideas and a non-linear narrative has evolved into an intimate, character driven, three-handed comedy that explores coming of age in the 21st Century.


After 20 years of children’s TV, Mr. Flowers' show is being cancelled. He now has one hour, with the help of two lifelong fans, to prove that his message still matters. But things go awry when childhood ideals and bitter reality collide. A lively, carnivalesque take on coming of age in the 21st century.

Like A Generation was named BEST OF TORONTO FRINGE (2016) & Mooney's CRITIC's PICK (2016). 

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