Thank you so much to all of our supporters over the past year who have helped Coyote Collective reach its goals. This page is set up as a permanent list the recognize the outside players who have contributed to Coyote Collective’s success.

We could not have done it without your generosity and support!

Love, The Kids at Coyote.          


Contributing Producers

                                       Katherine Mackay

Deirdre Demson

Prairie Pups ($5 - $14)

Marilena Pearson

Brooklyn Doran

Brush Wolves ($15 – $39)

Suzanna Derewicz

Deborah Tepper

Pack Jackals ($40 – $149) 

Ryder Mackay and April Lee

Katherine Mackay

Margot White 


Deanne Taylor & Michael Hollingsworth

Full Coyote ($150 +)

Eden Mohler

Ian Mackay

Samuel Mallin


And A Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors

The Creative Arts Student Association of York University.


We look forward to on-going partnerships and creations in the upcoming year. Thanks for keeping us going!